A Year of Waterloo Region Speculative Fiction

The Waterloo region (and neighboring areas) are not generally known as hotbeds of spec-fic writing. If you’ve heard of us at all, it’s most likely thanks to the University of Waterloo or the annual Oktoberfest. Why, Kitchener’s Public Library does not even bother to keep track of which SF authors come from the surrounding region 1.

But I do.

Spec-fic authors who either live in or near Waterloo region or did live here in the past include the following.

R. J. Anderson
W. Patrick Bradley
Erin Bow
James Bow
Melanie Card
Robert Card
Suzanne Church
Kristen Ciccarelli
Ange Clayfield
Ryan Consell
Julie Czerneda
Karen Dales
James Roy Daley
Kit Daven
A. K. Dewdney
Cory Doctorow
Jon Evans
Pat Forde
Ed Greenwood
Matthew Hughes
Edward Llewellyn
Jen Frankel
J. M. Frey
James Alan Gardner
Sephera Giron
Josh Hoey
Matthew Douglas Ingraham
Dean Italiano
Becka Kinzie
Anna Kreider
Alisse Lee-Goldenberg
Violette Malan
Jane Ann McLachlan
John McMullen
David Morrell
Dave Okum
Neil Randall
Vanessa Ricci-Thode
Stephen B. Pearl
Thomas J. Ryan
Robert J. Sawyer
Emily Schooley
Craig Stewart
Ruth Stuart
Sarah Totton
An Tran
Sarah Tolmie
Non-Fiction Authors

Andrea Austin
Andrew Deman

Over the next year I will be reviewing fifty-two works 2 of speculative fiction by as broad a cross-section of the names above as I can manage. Please join me.

1: Or local authors of any kind.

2: Not necessarily prose works: spec-fic comes in other forms as well.

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