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July in review

28 books reviewed. 17 by women, 11 by men. F/T = 61%

Year to date: 188 books, 110 by women, 78 by men. This means that I have exceeded the number of books I reviewed here in 2014, as well as the number of spec fic books reviewed in 2014 by the following review sources Strange Horizons deigned to acknowledge in their annual round up: Romantic Times (127), Strange Horizons (115), Interzone (79), io9 (74), F&SF (59), Vector (59), Analog (58), Asimov’s (47), NYRSF (45), Science Fiction Studies (43), Foundation (29), CSZ (22), LARB (17). Beating the numbers for Locus (299), Tor (271) and SFX (199) remains in my future (near future for SFX).

Where books by women are concerned, however, of all the review sources named above, only Locus edges me out and only narrowly: about 118 to my 110. Thus far.

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July Suggestion Box!

At some point there will an actual suggestion box but until then I will try a monthly request.

Which books do you think should go onto my “consider for non-sponsored review” list? In particular, which new or upcoming books come to mind? Feel free to explain why you picked the book or books that you chose.

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