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November in Review

28 works reviewed. 15 by women, 13 by men. F/T = 0.53

Total for the year so far is 301. This put me past Locus’ total for 2014 but since I for some reason thought that total was 299 and not the correct value of 296, I managed to miss the event when it happened.

My total for writers of colour (using the “Assuming a Trump Presidency, could their race be used to justify deporting them from the US, even in the cases of people who were born in the US’ for edge cases): 7 (25%) for November, 41 (14%) for the year.

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November Suggestion Box!

At some point there will an actual suggestion box but until then I will try a monthly request.

Which books do you think should go onto my “consider for non-sponsored review” list? In particular, which new or upcoming books come to mind? Feel free to explain why you picked the book or books that you chose.

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