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It's good to stay on top of tasks

January 2019 in review


20 books read. 10.75 by women (54%), 9.25 by men (46%).

Works by POC: 9.75 (49%)

Year to Date

See above. And now, the beginning of my long slog up the meaningless table.

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Seen in email

Speaking of Amazon, an interesting phenomenon (and kudos to you): for several of the books on your “100 books to read in 2019” list, the Amazon listings of what “Customers Also Viewed” are largely or entirely made up of *other* books from your list. You singlehandedly transformed Amazon viewing data for a number of them. (Including, at least, The Fortunate Fall, A Voice out of Ramah, and Sibyl Sue Blue. Probably many others, too.)

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