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Reviews from May 2018 (22)

In Dreams I Talk To You

Voices of a Distant Star

By Makoto Shinkai & Sumomo Yumeka  

2 May, 2018



2002’s Voices of a Distant Star is a standalone original video animation by Makoto Shinkai. It was later the basis of a 2004 manga by Sumomo Yumeka.

Noboru Terao, obviously (although inarticulately) smitten with fellow student Mikako Nagamine, expects to spend his years in high school mooning after Mikako. Unbeknownst to Noboru, Mikako has volunteered to join the UN Space Army. Mikako will not be attending high school. She will be travelling across the solar system and beyond.

They are determined to remain in contact. Physics will not be their friend in this matter.

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Come to Burn Your Kingdom Down

The Human Dress

By Graydon Saunders  

1 May, 2018

Special Requests


Graydon Saunders’s 2018 The Human Dress is a standalone secondary-world fantasy novel. 

Braemor lies just south of lands still claimed by the Walking Ice. It’s a challenging place for humans. It is barely post-glacial and home to humongous beasts that we might call dinosaurs.” Misfortune or a bad winter could send the community into a death spiral.

So could a deliberate campaign of sabotage.

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