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Where the Best Is Like the Worst

Who Goes Here?  (Warren Peace, volume 1)

By Bob Shaw  

2 May, 2021

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Bob Shaw’s 1977 Who Goes Here? Is the first of his Warren Peace comedic SF novels. It is also the first Bob Shaw novel I ever read. 

Warren Peace is utterly untroubled, perfectly content. This is because he is an amnesiac. Warren remembers nothing because his memories have been artificially removed. His memories were removed by the Space Legion at his request. In return, Warren signed up for a thirty-year1 tour of duty with the Space Legion.

Why Warren did this is a mystery to Warren. Amnesia. His new employers don’t care, not least because they suppose that if Warren wanted to erase all his memories, he must have been a complete monster. 

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