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Reviews from November 2023 (22)

O Mighty Ship of State

Liberty’s Daughter

By Naomi Kritzer  

2 Nov, 2023

Everything Is Worse With Libertarians


Naomi Kritzer’s 2023 Liberty’s Daughter is a near-future fix-up novel.

Beck Garrison lives on a seastead community located comfortably outside the limits of American waters. Founded almost fifty years earlier, the cluster of seasteads is a glorious celebration of true liberty, which is to say the right of rich people to do whatever they want and for poor people to make that possible.

Beck’s father Paul is one of the local elites. That does not mean Beck is sitting on her hands, waiting for bondservants to feed her bonbons. The teenager has sought out gainful employment, eventually landing on the role of finder.

But first! A word about where the seasteads fit into the economy of the future.

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Some Girls Wander

Colori Colore Creare, volume 1

By Kozue Amano  

1 Nov, 2023



Kozue Amano’s Colori Colore Creare is an on-going science fiction manga. It appears to have launched in 2022.

Adorable young Aka lives with her grandfather on the island of Onobori. Focused on his coffee shop, the old man allows Aka and her buffalo-sized cat Kuruchan to run around unsupervised … provided Aka follows certain reasonable guidelines to avoid plummeting to her death over one of Onobori’s many precipices.

One day, a stranger comes to town.

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