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Far Away, But Maybe Someday

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fifth Annual Collection  (The Year’s Best Science Fiction, book 5)

By Gardner Dozois  

23 Jan, 2021

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Gardner Dozois’ 1988 The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fifth Annual Collection is the fifth Dozois anthology of noteworthy science fiction from the previous calendar year. I too am horrified that Dozois used the term collection” when anthology” would have been more appropriate. 

And what did the SF of 1987 — now thirty-four years in the past — look like?

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Carry the Lantern High

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection  (The Year’s Best Science Fiction, book 3)

 Edited by Gardner Dozois 

27 Aug, 2020

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Gardner R. Dozois’ 1986 The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection is an anthology of … do I need to spell this out? As one might expect, it covers stories from 1985.

Once more into the breach! Only thirty-two of these to go! Which at one per two months will keep me busy until 2026.

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