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Tower to the Sky

2300 AD

By Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, Timothy B. Brown & Lester W. Smith  

4 Oct, 2022

Big Hair, Big Guns!


Marc W. Miller, Frank Chadwick, Timothy B. Brown, and Lester W. Smith’s1988 RPG 2300 AD1 is the second edition of a 1986 near-future hard-SF roleplaying game originally titled Traveller: 2300, put out by Game Designer Workshop. In addition to the rebranding, GDW substantially expanded second edition 2300 AD: whereas Traveller: 2300s various manuals totaled 129 pages, 2300 ADs manuals totaled 232. To sweeten the deal even more, GDW was willing to swap copies of Traveller: 2300 for copies of 2300 AD.

Inside the hefty and durable box2, gamers found:

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