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When Everything Seemed Lost

Bronze Drum

By Phong Nguyen  

26 Aug, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Phong Nguyen’s 2022 Bronze Drum is a stand-alone historical fiction novel.

In the Red River Delta, Lady Man Thiện and Lord Trưng administer the territory of Cung Điện Mê Linh … but only so long as they keep their Han overlords satisfied. This is a difficult task, as the occupying Han are easily offended. As difficult as the Việt present is, the future may well be more difficult, as neither of the Lady and Lord’s daughters seem suited to rule. Trưng Trắc is not forceful while Trưng Nhị is woefully undisciplined.

Spoilers for the Trưng sisters’ rebellion.

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