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When the Darkness Comes

The Black Cloud

By Fred Hoyle 

18 Jun, 2017

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1957’s The Black Cloud  was Sir Fred Hoyle’s first novel. 

A young astronomer working  a blink comparator gets a career-making break when he notices that a small black region on two photographic plates grew measurably in the month between exposures. After a hurried consultation, the discoverer and his colleagues conclude: 

  • The dark spot is an interstellar cloud. 
  • Its apparent growth is because it is headed towards the Solar System. 
  • The lack of transverse motion means that it is headed directly at the Solar System. 
  • It will arrive in about two years. 

Exciting times to be an astronomer! Very exciting, because if the cloud passes between the Earth and the Sun it is dense enough to blot out sunlight entirely 1, dooming us all to a slow lingering death. 

Well, the discoverer can enjoy his enhanced career for the two years he has left. 

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