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Mysterious Ways

Now You See It/Him/Them…  (Joe Karns, volume 1)

By Robert Coulson & Gene DeWeese  

2 Jun, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1975’s Now You See It/Him/Them… is the first book in a series by Robert Coulson and Gene DeWeese, the Joe Karns SF mysteries.

Summoned by a vaguely worded letter to the hotel room of professional debunker Silas Tucker, Joe Karns arrives just in time to hear Silas being murdered. Breaking in, Joe catches a glimpse of … something? A shimmering image Joe is hard-pressed to describe.

The police aren’t surprised to learn that Joe has somehow gotten entangled in a murder or that his eyewitness account borders on the unbelievable. Joe’s life has been a series of peculiar and alarming events.

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