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Troubled Spirits on My Chest

The Witness for the Dead  (The Goblin Emperor, volume 2)

By Katherine Addison 

14 Sep, 2021

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2021’s The Witness for the Dead is the second novel in Katherine Addison’s Goblin Emperor secondary universe fantasy series. 

Thara Celehar used his ability to speak with the spirits of the dead to serve Maia, the newly appointed emperor. His reward: to be sent far from the emperor’s court to the city of Amalo. Ever dutiful, Thara serves the people of Amalo as best he can. He doesn’t regret leaving the luxury and intrigues of the court.

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When the Wolves Run Back

The Black Coast  (The God-King Chronicles, volume 1)

By Mike Brooks 

13 Sep, 2021

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2021’s The Black Coast is the first volume of Mike Brooks’ secondary universe epic fantasy The God-King Chronicles .

For generations, the Thanes of Black Keep and their dragon-riding sars have defended their stretch of the Naridan coastline from the Raiders, sea people from distant, unknown islands. 

It’s been a decade without a Raider visit. The folks of Black Keep hope that this means that there will be no more raids. Their hopes are especially fervent because a plague has left the Black Keep undermanned.

The appearance of a fleet vaster than any before confronts the current Thane — Lord Asrel — and his sons with the prospect of heroic, futile deaths at the axes of a vastly superior force. However, this is no raiding fleet. This time, the Raiders are fleeing something terrible. They have come to stay.

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Fish in the Sea

Dominant Species

By George Warren 

12 Sep, 2021

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


George Warren’s 1979 Dominant Species is a stand-alone planetary romance novel. 

Having had enough of war, mighty-thewed Oak and his addled companion Karth join a fishing fleet. The sea creatures of backward world Nuvelkebek are mighty indeed. Oak survives an encounter with one, thanks in large part to Karth’s intervention. 

Mortally wounded, amnesiac Karth suddenly remembers suppressed memories. He charges Oak with a mighty task: find the Order! The grieving Oak has no choice but to accept. Alas, Karth was rather short on details, leaving Oak to discover horrifying truths on his own.

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Who Has Seen The Wind?


By Nnedi Okorafor 

3 Sep, 2021

Doing the WFC's Homework


Nnedi Okorafor’s 2021 Noor is a stand-alone near-future Africanfuturist novel.

Ultimate Corp transformed Africa, lavishing Africans with a bounty of modern luxuries in return for which it asks only … lots and lots of money. Oh yes, and for Africans to abandon any beliefs or customs that might prevent them from accepting Ultimate’s terms and conditions.

In AO Oju’s case, Ultimate transformed AO’s deformed and injured body into a cybernetic marvel. Unexpected consequence: this marked her as a demon to her Nigerian neighbours. Her new capabilities allowed AO to kill five over-confident would-be vigilantes. 

Suspecting, with good reason, that self-defence will be seen as murder, AO flees north towards the Red Eye, a nigh-Jovian-scale1 permanent windstorm. 

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Humanity’s Scythe

Trudvang Chronicles

By Theodore Bergqvist, Magnus Malmberg, Anders Jacobsson & Max Herngren (Translated by Andovar)

1 Sep, 2021

Roleplaying Games


Trudvang Chronicles Gamemaster’s Guide , published in 2021, was written by Theodore Bergqvist, Magnus Malmberg, Anders Jacobsson, Max Herngren, and others. It is one of two core Trudvang Chronicles books: the other book is 2021’s Trudvang Chronicles Players Handbook , written by Theodore Bergqvist, Magnus Malmberg and Anders Jacobsson and others. The English translator for both books was Andovar.

Back in the dawn of time, Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying begat Äventyrsspel’s 1982 Drakar och Demoner (in its first edition, a combination of Basic Roleplaying and Worlds of Wonder’s Magic World ). After a convoluted process too lengthy to be detailed here, this led to Riotmind’s 2016 Nordic-and-Celtic-themed fantasy roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner Trudvang1, the Anglophone edition of which is Trudvang Chronicles .

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