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Reviews in Project: A Dozen by Tchaikovsky (12)

Who By Fire

Dragonfly Falling  (Shadows of the Apt, volume 2)

By Adrian Tchaikovsky  

9 Feb, 2018

A Dozen by Tchaikovsky


2009’s Dragonfly Falling is the second volume in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt decology.

The city-state of Collegium is the keystone of Lowland resistance to the coming Wasp Empire conquest of the lowlands. The Empire tried — and failed — to remove Collegium from the board with a swift, bold gambit. No matter. When cunning fails, there is always brute force.

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Sorry Cassandra I Didn’t Believe

Empire in Black and Gold  (Shadows of the Apt, volume 1)

By Adrian Tchaikovsky  

12 Jan, 2018

A Dozen by Tchaikovsky


2008’s Empire in Black and Gold is the first volume in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt decalogy. I should note that he completed the whole ten-book series in eight years. Completed, I say, completed. This may be of interest to certain other authors whom I will not name.

In the seventeen years since the Empire of the Wasps conquered the Commonweal city of Myna, Stenwald has been unable to convince his fellow citizens that Collegium (as well as the other city-states of the Lowlands) are on the Wasps’ to-conquer list. Most Lowlanders find it comforting to believe that the Wasps are sated with conquest. Stenwald knows that the Empire was merely taking its time to recover from its long war with the Commonweal.

Now there are hints that the Empire has recovered. 

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