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Each Perfect Day

The Devil’s Game

By Poul Anderson  

5 May, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Poul Anderson’s 1980 The Devil’s Game is a stand-alone speculative fiction thriller.

Elderly Sunderland Haverner owes his fantastic wealth in small part to good luck in choosing ancestors, but in far greater proportion to the infallible advice of his unseen and seemingly immaterial advisor, Samael.

Sunderland gained wealth and status. Samael gained the means by which the entity could affect Sunderland’s material world. The partnership has served Sunderland well. The old man will not hesitate to carry out Samael’s latest task: a curious psychological experiment.

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Feel So Cold

The Tomorrow City

By Monica Hughes  

21 Apr, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Monica Hughes’ 1978 The Tomorrow City is a stand-alone juvenile science fiction novel.

Joe Henderson what he believes will be a cure for the many ills that plague his home city of Thompsonville. He has invented a supercomputer. The City Central Computer — C3 for short — is the most powerful machine of its sort on Earth. Under its guidance, Thompsonville will enjoy efficient governance unmatched anywhere else on Earth.

The first sign of trouble is a malfunctioning elevator.

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These Castle Walls

High Deryni  (The Chronicles of the Deryni, volume 3)

By Katherine Kurtz  

31 Mar, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1973’s High Deryni is the third and final volume in Katherine Kurtz’s Ruritanian historical fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Deryni. High Deryni is by no means the final Deryni book.

The reign of young King Kelson of Gwynedd may be as short-lived as Kelson is young. Kelson is beset by racist rabble-rousers, fanatical priests, and what amounts to an evil wizard/warlord. Also, recent revelations about Kelson’s heritage suggest that the boy king is as terrible as some of his enemies claim.

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Also, There Are Moby Dick References

Beyond Rejection  (Beyond, volume 1)

By Justin Leiber  

24 Mar, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


1980’s Beyond Rejection is the first volume in Justin Leiber’s Beyond trilogy.

Had Ismael Forth perished in the barbaric 20th century, no doubt he would have remained entirely dead. Thanks to 22nd century mind-recording technology, he has a chance to live again…

But only a chance.

Spoilers may abound. The book is long out of print and the author is dead. I don’t think anyone should mind.

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The Whole World Fades

The Mindwarpers

By Eric Frank Russell  

17 Mar, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Eric Frank Russell’s 1965 The Mindwarpers is a stand-alone science fiction thriller. The Mindwarpers previously appeared in 1964 as With a Strange Device.

In a world divided between allies of the United States of America and certain unnamed enemies, security is mission one. The research facility that employs master metallurgist Richard Bransome imposes the most stringent security measures possible. Yet the facility is helpless to prevent the loss of its top minds through an insidious process about which federal agents like Henderson can do nothing.

Why would America’s most talented men suddenly resign their positions to disappear into obscurity?

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So Alone Without You

The Men and the Mirror

By Ross Rocklynne  

10 Mar, 2024

Because My Tears Are Delicious To You


Ross Rocklynne’s 1973 The Men and the Mirror is a collection of hard-SF puzzle stories. The stories were first published between 1936 and 1946; most of them appeared between 1936 and 1940.

Pirate Edward Deverel flees across the Solar System, pursued by Interplanetary Police Force Lieutenant Jack Colbie. On Mars, Deverel had stolen fortunes from wealthy travelers. Now he must face justice… but only if Colbie can catch Deverel and having caught him, can keep him.

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