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Reviews in Project: Doing the WFC's Homework (100)

We’ve Got Us

Monstress, volume 7

By Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda  

23 Sep, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


Monstress, Volume 7: Devourer is the seventh volume in Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s ongoing secondary-universe cosmic-horror fantasy graphic novel series. Volume 7 collects Monstress issues 36 to 41.

The ongoing war between humans and Ancient-descended Arcanics has provided the humans with ample opportunity to show just how despicable humans can be. Now there’s an equal opportunity for the semi-divine Ancients to prove that they too are complete monsters to their own descendants.

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With Some Smoke in Its Eye

Master of Poisons

By Andrea Hairston  

16 Sep, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


Andrea Hairston’s 2021 Master of Poisons is a stand-alone, secondary world fantasy.

The Arkhysian empire has a simple plan for success: 

  • Relentlessly expand.
  • Drain societies’ discards — criminals, heretics, and the unlucky (like magical adept Awa) — of blood to use in magic. 
  • Do its best to ignore the long-term environmental and economic costs of its policies. 

Reality has no respect for society’s elite, thus the magic-induced environmental crisis now facing the empire.

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I Betcha You Would Have Done the Same

A Chorus Rises  (A Song Below Water, volume 2)

By Bethany C. Morrow  

9 Sep, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


2022’s A Chorus Rises is the second volume in Bethany C. Morrow’s A Song Below Water series.

After being transformed to stone by Effie Freeman’s gorgon gaze, young black protagonist Naema Bradshaw, an Eloko1, was restored to life. Not quite the same life as she previously enjoyed. The siren song of Naema’s bitter enemy Tavia Philips awakened Freeman’s victims and Tavia is the hero of the day. Since heroes must have villains, innocent Naema is cast as the villain of the story. 

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In Front of My Door

The Ballad of Perilous Graves

By Alex Jennings  

2 Sep, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


Alex Jennings’ 2022 The Ballad of Perilous Graves is a stand-alone modern fantasy novel. Ballad is Jennings’ debut novel.

Young Perilous Perry” Graves has many things about which to worry. Right now, the most pressing concern is his friend Peaches. Peaches is a fixture in Perry’s New Orleans neighborhood, yet Perry has not seen Peaches in weeks. 

Perry could use a distraction. Nothing distracts like an apocalypse. 

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When Everything Seemed Lost

Bronze Drum

By Phong Nguyen  

26 Aug, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Phong Nguyen’s 2022 Bronze Drum is a stand-alone historical fiction novel.

In the Red River Delta, Lady Man Thiện and Lord Trưng administer the territory of Cung Điện Mê Linh … but only so long as they keep their Han overlords satisfied. This is a difficult task, as the occupying Han are easily offended. As difficult as the Việt present is, the future may well be more difficult, as neither of the Lady and Lord’s daughters seem suited to rule. Trưng Trắc is not forceful while Trưng Nhị is woefully undisciplined.

Spoilers for the Trưng sisters’ rebellion.

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How Deep is the Ocean

The House of Rust

By Khadija Abdalla Bajaber  

22 Aug, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Khadija Abdalla Bajaber’s 2021 The House of Rust is a stand-alone fantasy novel. 

Mombasa-born Aisha lives with her beloved father, for certain values of lives with.” The Hadhrami fisherman cheerfully mentors his daughter whenever he is in Mombasa, teaching her skills that women aren’t usually taught. However, he is often at sea, searching for fish in waters where others dare not venture. 

One day Aisha’s father does not return.

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Exactly Like You

The Silence of the Wilting Skin

By Tlotlo Tsamaase  

12 Aug, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


Tlotlo Tsamaase’s 2020 The Silence of the Wilting Skin is a stand-alone work of speculative fiction.

The narrator is visited by a dreamskin, the eidolon of her grandmother. Normally, dreamskins are reflections of the living, harbingers that manifest to inform their living original of impending death. The narrator has been chosen for something else. If only her circumstances did not make it nearly impossible for the narrator to understand what, or to act.

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Do You See What I See?

Violet Made of Thorns

By Gina Chen  

5 Aug, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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Gina Chen’s 2022 Violet Made of Thorns is a secondary-world fantasy novel. 

Gifted with the ability to see the future, Violet parlayed her ability into enhanced social status by rescuing Auveny’s Prince Cyrus from certain death. The former street urchin became first a Seer in training, then (on the death of her predecessor, Sighted Mistress Felicita), Court Seer for the Kingdom of Auveny. It’s all luxurious towers, comfy pillows, and bonbons for Violet from now on. 

A perfect life — except for the politics.

And except for the certain doom bearing down on the kingdom and on Violet.

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Out in the Rain

The Mimicking of Known Successes

By Malka Older  

29 Jul, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework


Malka Older’s 2022 The Mimicking of Known Successes is a stand-alone science fiction mystery, one of the Holmes and Watson variety. 

Thanks to humanity’s communal quest for profit, Earth is uninhabitable. Indeed, such was human diligence in this matter that even Mars was somehow made even less habitable. Only on a single giant planet1 do the remnants of humanity survive. They have finally embraced more responsible behavior; the alternative is total extinction.

It’s no utopia. Thus, police. Thus, missing persons cases — possibly murder cases — for said police to investigate. 

A stranger vanished from a remote railcar station. No railcar had arrived to bear him away, suggesting he plummeted from the station into the giant world’s depths. Did he commit suicide? Was he murdered? In either case, why? Investigator Mossa is determined to find answers.

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Just One Day Out Of Life

Holiday Heroine  (Heroine Complex, volume 6)

By Sarah Kuhn  

22 Jul, 2022

Doing the WFC's Homework

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2022’s Holiday Heroine is the sixth novel in Sarah Kuhn’s Heroine Complex series. 

Bea Tanaka’s brand-new life in Hawai‘i is almost perfect. Newly hired by the Demon Research Group1, she is establishing a life independent of her doting, domineering older sister Evie. Hunky friend-with-benefits Sam Fujikawa has the potential to become something more. Bea 2.0 will be in all ways superior to the old Bea 1.0 back on the mainland. Or so she hopes. 

If only Bea didn’t have a niggling doubt: she might still be a little evil.

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