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Imposter Syndrome

Usotoki Rhetoric, volume 5

By Ritsu Miyako  

15 May, 2024



2015’s Usotoki Rhetoric Volume Five is the fifth tankōbon in Ritsu Miyako’s historical mystery manga series. Usotoki Rhetoric was published in Bessatsu Hana to Yume from June 26, 2012, to March 26, 2018. The English translation of Volume Five was published in 2024.

Kanako Urabe, a young woman who can tell when other people consciously lying, has partnered with private detective Iwai, a young man with a knack for solving mysteries. It’s a precarious life, but one that allows them to use their uncommon gifts.

Like Volume Four, Volume Five is episodic.

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When They’re Starving

The Apothecary Diaries, volume 10

By Natsu Hyuuga  (Translated by Kevin Steinbach)

8 May, 2024


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2021’s The Apothecary Diaries: Volume 10 is the tenth installment of Natsu Hyuuga’s ongoing Apothecary Diaries secondary-universe light-novel series. Illustrations are by Touko Shino. The 2024 English translation is by Kevin Steinbach.

Apothecary/gray-market physician Maomao joins an imperial mission to the capital of the empire’s western province of I‑Sei. Mysteries await, some obvious and some very obscure.

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Thunderbolt and Lightning

RuriDragon, Issues 6 to 12

By Masaoki Shindo  

1 May, 2024


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Masaoki Shindo’s RuriDragon (Japanese: ルリドラゴン, Hepburn: Ruridoragon) is a Japanese modern-day manga series. Originally a one-shot published in Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine in December 2020, RuriDragon was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump starting in June 2022.

Due to Shindo’s ill-health, the manga was placed on hiatus after six issues. In March 2024, new installments began appearing on the Viz website.

Ruri’s plan to sleepwalk her way through high school was complicated by the appearance of two razor-sharp horns on her head, the unexpected discovery midclass that she sometimes breathes fire, that she heals surprisingly quickly, and Ruri’s mother’s off-handed revelation that the three previous discoveries are due to the fact that Ruri’s father is a dragon.

Having come to terms with fire-breathing and the horns, Ruri is confronted with another unexpected draconic ability.

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The Present Curriculum

Magus of the Library, volume 4

By Mitsu Izumi  

17 Apr, 2024


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2021’s Magus of the Library, Volume 4 is the fourth tankōbon in Mitsu Izumi’s secondary-universe fantasy manga series (Toshokan no Daimajutsushi in the original Japanese). Magus has been serialized in Good! Afternoon since November 2017. The English translation appeared in 2021.

Having squeaked through his entrance exam, Theo begins his academic career in Aftzaak, City of Books.

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Makin’ Me Better

Returners  (The Deer King, volume 2)

By Nahoko Uehashi  

10 Apr, 2024



2014’s Returners is the second and final volume of Nahoko Uehashi’s The Deer King secondary-universe fantasy duology. The 2024 English translation is by Cathy Hirano.

Desperate to rescue his adopted daughter Yuna, Van (a former soldier and ex-slave turned fugitive) catches up with Yuna’s Ahfal Oma kidnappers. The plot pauses as readers are treated to some extended infodumping.

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You Wish

Delicious in Dungeon, volume 13

By Ryōko Kui  (Translated by Taylor Engel)

3 Apr, 2024



2023’s Delicious in Dungeon, Volume 13 is the thirteenth tankōbon in Ryoko Kui’s secondary-world comedy fantasy manga series. Originally published as Danjon Meshi, Delicious in Dungeon appears in Enterbrain’s Harta. Volume 13 was translated into English in 2023 by Taylor Engel.

Laios and his dungeon-delving companions (half-elf mage Marcille, halfling security expert Chilchuck, dwarf fighter Senshi, and cat-beastkin ninja Izutsumi) have gone on a quest to save Laios’ dead sister Falin. In so doing, they may have doomed the world.

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Spooky Little Girl

Sadako-san and Sadako-chan

By Aya Tsutsumi  

27 Mar, 2024



Aya Tsutsumi’s 2021 Sadako-san and Sadako-chan is a comedic manga set in the Ring horror universe.

Immured alive in a well, Sadako-san imbued a VHS tape with all her rage. Watching the tape ensures a death. While Sadako-san’s fury can be retargeted, it cannot be prevented.

Or so it seemed back in the 1990s. Now Sadako-san’s angry ghost faces an enemy that even her profound powers cannot defeat: technological change.

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Glimmer From Afar

Witch Life in a Micro Room, volume 1

By Akitaka  

20 Mar, 2024



Akitaka’s Witch Life in a Micro Room, Vol. 1 (Rokujou Hitoma no Majo Life in the original Japanese) is the first tankōbon for Akitaka’s slice-of-life modern fantasy manga. The 2024 English translation is by Abby Lehrke.

Technology has pushed old magic aside… for the most part. A few lucky witches have found ways to parlay their magical knowledge into fame and fortune. Roommates Madge and Lilika are determined to be among that number.

Lamentably for the ambitious pair, Madge and Lilika are c‑grade witches living hand-to-mouth in an absurdly tiny, run-down apartment.

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Your Sleep to Encumber

Insomniacs After School, volume 5

By Makoto Ojiro  

13 Mar, 2024



Insomniacs After School, Vol. 5 is the fifth tankōbon of Makoto Ojiro’s manga series. Serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits, Insomniacs After School has been ongoing since May 2019. The English translation of Volume Five is 2024.

Insomniacs Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari can’t fall asleep anywhere else than their school’s astronomical observatory. To protect access to the observatory, the pair needs to revive the school astronomy club. Their previous effort at raising the club’s profile having been sabotaged by weather, they now focus on a photography contest. 

Isaki’s grandmother’s house enjoys scenic location, rife with stunning vistas. The house is currently unoccupied. Perfect for two teens to use for their own purposes. Who knows? Perhaps astronomy will be among their activities. 

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