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A policy change

5 Apr, 2015


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Since Baen’s publisher Toni Weisskopf is part of the Puppies slate for the second year running, I will no longer accept new commissions where the only edition is from Baen. While I will finish current projects involving Baen Books, I won’t link to the Baen edition. I certainly will not be buying anything from Baen in the future.

I urge everyone (particularly people with review sites) to do the same.

2023 Update: amend that from no book whose only edition is from Baen, to no book currently in print whose only edition is from Baen.

This means if a book is currently published by Baen but there has one at least one edition from any other publisher in any other format, it’s fair game. As well, if the only edition was from Baen but that edition is long out of print – Hello, The Moon Goddess and the Son–that is fair game as well.