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How to Commission a Review

  1. You can buy a review for a book for $1001 or by supporting my Patreon: see its page for specific details. I am very open to various media of payment; PayPal is usually easiest. (See the PayPal button in the sidebar.) After September 6th, 2023, books over six hundred pages will count as two books. 
  2. Authors may not buy reviews of their own books; nor may their family members, publishers or agents. This is for two reasons: Yog’s Law and also the possibility that a confused minority might expect if they pay me to read their book they are then entitled to a positive review.
    Authors may point out to me that their qualifying books are now out (or back in print) and while I cannot promise to read said books, there will not be a charge if I do.
  3. I have the right to decline any book; this is not to be taken as a negative comment on the author or book.
  4. Generally, I am not willing to review any book where I would not then allow the author right of reply. I think writers commenting on reviews can go south pretty precipitously but I leave it to their judgement.

NOTE: I reserve the right to break my own rules — except for #2 because, wow, can authors buying reviews go horribly wrong fast.

1: Unless the book in question is The Number of the Beast, in which case the price is $1,000. The Pursuit of the Pankera counts as The Number of the Beast.

If you do not wish to commission a review, but would like to suggest a book for my consideration, you can do that here.