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Announcing BRP Reviews Presents

30 Apr, 2018


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Because I so very much need another ongoing review series.

As previously established a year ago today, Runequest was an important part of my early roleplaying experience. Parent company Chaosium distilled the essential details of the game engine into a system they called Basic Roleplaying. Both under Chaosium and the game companies who licensed the BRP engine, the BRP rules have been at the heart of many roleplaying games over the decades. 

I own many of them. Too many to review in a reasonable amount of time. What I can do is focus on a specific subset: science fiction roleplaying games that use the BRP game engine. Once a month or so, I will review one of those SF RPGs. It should only take me two or three years to work through the lot! 

My current list of candidates is as follows:

  • BRP Mecha

  • Chronicles of Future Earth

  • Cthulhu Rising

  • Elfquest

  • End Time

  • Fractured Hopes

  • Future World

  • Hawkmoon

  • High Colonies

  • Laundry

  • Luther Arkwright

  • M‑Space

  • Mission to Epsilon

  • Mutant

  • Once Men

  • Operation Ulysses

  • Outpost 19

  • Other Suns

  • Ringworld (Already reviewed)

  • River of Heaven

  • Rubble and Ruin

  • Star Wars (RQ6)

  • Swords of Cydoria

  • Worlds Beyond