August in Review

28 books reviewed. 22 by women, 6 by men. F/T = 0.79

Thus far in 2015, I have reviewed more books by women than all of the sites that made Strange Horizon’s round up for 2014: Tor, SFX, Romantic Times (specfic only), Strange Horizons, Interzone, io9, F&SF, Vector, Analog, Asimov’s, NYRSF, Science Fiction Studies, Foundation, CSZ, and LARB .

Thus far in 2015, I have reviewed more books in general than any of the following: SFX (199), Romantic Times (127-specfic only), Strange Horizons (115), Interzone (79), io9 (74), F&SF (59), Vector (59), Analog (58), Asimov’s (47), NYRSF (45), Science Fiction Studies (43), Foundation (29), CSZ (22), LARB (17). Beating the numbers for Locus (299), and Tor (271) remains in my future.

My totals for writer of colour remains both dismal and competitive: 5/28 (18%) for August and 18 or 19/216 (9%) for 2015 to date.

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