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Books Received, August 4 to 10

11 Aug, 2018


Other Side

Original Science Fiction Stories About Young People of the Future

What will life be like for the young people of the future? What will they inherit from today, and what strange new situations will they face?

Nine popular science fiction writers confront these questions in lively stories created especially for this collection. Their answers are intriguing and remarkably varied. Each author presents a possible world of the future. And each examines the lives of young people who are balancing their own dreams against the peculiar demands of their world. 


Come Sing the Moons of Moravenn — Leigh Brackett
Examination Day — Gordon Eklund
The Speeders — Arthur Tofte
Let My People Go! — Joseph Green
Night of the Millennium — Edward D. Hoch
A Bowl of Biskies Makes a Growing Boy — Raymond F. Jones
Final Exam — Thomas N. Scortia
The Others — J. Hunter Holly
Peace Love and Food for the Hungry — Gail Kimberly

Cat In The Mirror

An unhappy teenage girl, unable to cope with problems at home and at school, suffers an accidental blow on the head and is transported 3000 years back in time to another existence in ancient Egypt.

Other Side Of The Moon

A new metaphorical take on good versus evil set in outer space that is filled with thought provoking religious allegory.

Future Is Female

SF-expert Lisa Yaszek presents the biggest and best survey of the female tradition in American science fiction ever published, a thrilling collection of twenty-five classic tales. From Pulp Era pioneers to New Wave experimentalists, here are over two dozen brilliant writers ripe for discovery and rediscovery, including Leslie F. Stone, Judith Merril, Leigh Brackett, Kit Reed, Joanna Russ, James Tiptree Jr., and Ursula K. Le Guin. Imagining strange worlds and unexpected futures, looking into and beyond new technologies and scientific discoveries, in utopian fantasies and tales of cosmic horror, these women created and shaped speculative fiction as surely as their male counterparts. Their provocative, mind-blowing stories combine to form a thrilling multidimensional voyage of literary-feminist exploration and recovery.