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Books Received, February 13 — February 19

20 Feb, 2021


Composite Creatures

How close would you hold those you love, when the end comes? In a society where self-preservation is as much an art as a science, Norah and Arthur are learning how to co-exist in their new little world. Though they hardly know each other, everything seems to be going perfectly — from the home they’re building together to the ring on Norah’s finger. But survival in this world is a tricky thing, the air is thicker every day and illness creeps fast through the body. And the earth is becoming increasingly hostile to live in. Fortunately, Easton Grove is here for that in the form of a perfect little bundle to take home and harvest. You can live for as long as you keep it — or her — close.

Ship whisper

Mysteries buried under ice older than the Earth. Impossible planets. Mazes of animal minds and emotions. Art striking much too close to life. The perils of immortality. Worlds we can enter by asking the timeless what if”…

From near-future Earth to the far reaches of the universe, stories by award-winning author Julie Nováková amaze, astound and bewilder. Nováková ingeniously examines the nature of humanity, merging with machines or animals, and deep space exploration. Cerebral, awe-inspiring and uncanny.

The book includes stories previously published in Analog, Asimov’s, Clarkesworld and other venues, as well as a brand new SF mystery novelette

The Recollection

When his brother disappears into a bizarre gateway on a London Underground escalator, failed artist Ed Rico and his brother’s wife Alice have to put aside their feelings for each other to go and find him. Their quest through the arches’ will send them hurtling through time, to new and terrifying alien worlds.Four hundred years in the future, Katherine Abdulov must travel to a remote planet in order to regain the trust of her influential family. The only person standing in her way is her former lover, Victor Luciano, the ruthless employee of a rival trading firm.Hard choices lie ahead as lives and centuries clash and, in the unforgiving depths of space, an ancient evil stirs…Gareth L. Powell’s epic new science-fiction novel delivers a story of galaxy-spanning scope by a writer of astounding vision. 

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Vol 1

The Lost Ones are wanderers who come here from a distant world known as Japan.” No one knows how or why they leave their homes. The only thing that is certain is that they bring disaster and calamity. The duty of exterminating them without remorse falls to Menou, a young Executioner. When she meets Akari, it seems like just another job…until she discovers it’s impossible to kill this girl! And when Menou begins to search for a way to defeat this immortality, Akari is more than happy to tag along! So begins a journey that will change Menou forever…