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Books Received, July 15 — July 21

22 Jul, 2023


Infinity Alchemist

Infinity Alchemist by Kacen Callender (February 2024)

Infinity Alchemist is a spellbinding novel about a quest that leads three young alchemists toward unexpected love and unimaginable power. 

With their signature prowess” (FIYAH) and unbridled creativity” (New York Times Book Review), acclaimed author Kacen Callender turns their formidable skill to young adult fantasy for the first time. 

For Ash Woods, practicing alchemy is a crime. 

Only an elite few are legally permitted to study the science of magic — so when Ash is rejected by Lancaster College of Alchemic Science, he takes a job as the school’s groundskeeper instead, forced to learn alchemy in secret. When he’s discovered by the condescending and brilliant apprentice Ramsay Thorne, Ash is sure he’s about to be arrested — but instead of calling the reds, Ramsay surprises Ash by making him an offer: Ramsay will keep Ash’s secret if he helps her find the legendary Book of Source, a sacred text that gives its reader extraordinary power. 

As Ash and Ramsay work together and their feelings for each other grow, Ash discovers their mission is more dangerous than he imagined, pitting them against influential and powerful alchemists — Ash’s estranged father included. Ash’s journey takes him through the cities and wilds across New Anglia, forcing him to discover his own definition of true power and how far he and other alchemists will go to seize it. 

Featuring trans, queer, and polyamorous characters of color, Infinity Alchemist is the hugely anticipated young adult fantasy debut from the extraordinary author of Felix Ever After, King and the Dragonflies, Queen of the Conquered and more. 


Albedo Platinum Catalyst Omnibus Edition by Steve Gallacci, Pieter van Hiel, Jason Holmgren, and Michael Arbogast (Publication Date Unclear)

The landmark series of anthropomorphic science-fiction, ALBEDO combines a universe of gritty military action with the exotic mystery of geneticall-engineered life forms. What could have been the promise of infinite diversity in infinite combinations becomes a drama of intrigue, conspiracy, tragedy, and war that will span several generations.

This complete volume combines both PLATINUM CATALYST (character creation in the space military) and STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (expanded command-and-control and large-scale vehicle combat). Players take on the roles of military captains and attaches, responsible not just for themselves but for the safety of their underlings. You won’t be able to solve your problems all alone… but what risks are you willing to take? Featuring a unique system where you must push your character to extremes of physical exhaustion, social pressure, and personal resolve, ALBEDO brings all the drama of military fiction to your table.

Two Twisted Crowns

Two Twisted Crowns by Rachel Gillig (October 2023)

In the dark, spellbinding sequel to One Dark Window, Elspeth must confront the weight of her actions as she and Ravyn embark on a perilous quest to save the kingdom — perfect for readers of Hannah Whitten’s For the Wolf and Alexis Henderson’s The Year of the Witching. Gripped by a tyrant king and in the thrall of dark magic, the kingdom is in peril. Elspeth and Ravyn have gathered most of the twelve Providence Cards, but the last — and most important — one remains to be found: the Twin Alders. If they’re going to find the card before Solstice and set free the kingdom, they will need to journey through the dangerous mist-cloaked forest. The only one who can lead them through is the monster that shares Elspeth’s head: the Nightmare. And he’s not eager to share any longer. 

An Other Mythology

anOther Mythology edited by Maxwell I. Gold (September 2023)

From Thanatos to Hades, Maxwell I. Gold’s book of horror prose poetry reimagines myths from a queer perspective. Gold’s poetry merges camp sensibility and cosmic horror in poems that are beautiful, bloody, and barbed. A poetic soap opera of gods and monsters. 

Warped State

Warped State by Jo Miles (September 2023)

Jasper Wilder is a community organizer, not a spy, but he’ll become one if that’s what it takes to stop a deadly research project by the mega-corporation that devastated his home planet. Then he meets Havoc, an idealistic local activist who will be blamed if Jasper goes through with his plans to destroy the experiment. He’s prepared to risk his own life, but will he also sacrifice the person he’s coming to care about? 


Brainwyrms by Alison Rumfitt (October 2023)

From Alison Rumfitt, the author of Tell Me I’m Worthless — a triumph of transgressive queer horror” (Publishers Weekly) — comes Brainwyrms, a searing body horror novel of obsession, violence, and pleasure. 

When a transphobic woman bombs Frankie’s workplace, she blows up Frankie’s life with it. As the media descends like vultures, Frankie tries to cope with the carnage: binge-drinking, sleeping with strangers, pushing away her friends. Then, she meets Vanya. Mysterious, beautiful, terrifying Vanya. 

The two hit it off immediately, but as their relationship intensifies, so too does Frankie’s feeling that Vanya is hiding something from her. When Vanya’s secrets threaten to tear them apart, Frankie starts digging, and unearths a sinister, depraved conspiracy, the roots of which go deeper than she ever imagined. 

Shocking, grotesque, and downright filthy, Brainwyrms confronts the creeping reality of political terrorism while exploring the depths of love, pain, and identity.