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Books Received, June 6 — June 12

13 Jun, 2020



In this exciting science-fiction technothriller, a top-notch pilot encounters a virtual disaster during the highest profile project of her career. Now she must unearth a crucial truth: was her discovery due to a betrayal, a business rival — or did she encounter something never before seen in the stars?

We are live, we are live, we are live …

Helen Vectorovich holds the unique distinction of failing at first contact — and she did it in virtual reality. 

Only the most elite teams of operators and navigators get to pilot in remote space-mining operations. And no one was better than Helen and her navigator, Ted. Together they secured a multibillion contract for establishing an interstellar gate to a distant star. But during a routine mission, what should have been an easy success turns deadly.

Helen is grounded in a desk job, yet trying to avoid treacherous politics. She has overeager junior pilots jockeying to take her place, jealous corporate rivals, and nasty rumors blaming her for the botched job and Ted’s death. Meanwhile, Helen’s amazing new discovery in space — the Scale — seems to be … evolving. 

When someone — or something — wants to terminate the project, Helen must find out why before it is too late.