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Books Received, March 21 — 27

28 Mar, 2020


The Devils Blade

The story of Julie D’Aubigny is well known. Her tumultuous childhood, her powerful lovers, her celebrated voice. Connected to most of the nobility of 17th century Paris, feted for her performance, unwilling to live by the rules of her society, she took female lovers, fought duels with noblemen and fled from city to country and back again. But now the real truth can be told. She also made a deal with the devil. He gave her no powers or help, but he kept her alive for only one reason. To take revenge… 

An Elegy of Heroes The Agartes Epilogues Complete Trilogy

The prequel series to the critically acclaimed THE WOLF OF OREN-YARO takes you through an epic adventure through a sprawling continent filled with old magic, deadly creatures, and ancient legends, set from the point-of-view of three unlikely heroes: a murderer, a fraud, and a seamstress. When Rysaran the Uncrowned sets of on a quest to bring glory and lost dragons back to his nation of Jin-Sayeng, he sets off a series of events spanning a whole continent. To the west, a mercenary is on the run after the grisly death of his friend at the hands of a creature with one eye. To the east, a magic-wielding merchant trades everything for his ambitions. Between them stands a woman, the unwitting daughter of a hero whose sacrifices amounted to nothing, leaving her scrambling to salvage her life from his legacy. At the crux of it all is a creature of legend, a witch’s beast, whose possession promises enough power to bring the continent to its knees.