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Books Received, February 18 — February 24

25 Feb, 2023


The Great Gods

The Great Gods by Daniel Keys Moran (February 2023)

The long-anticipated first book about Camber Tremodian, who first appeared in Daniel Keys Moran’s classic SF novel The Long Run — one of the highest rated SF novel on Goodreads.

The keystone work of Moran’s Tales of the Continuing Time, The Great Gods kicks off the Time Wars” series. Young Camber doesn’t know who he is, or who his parents were. He’s a child in a small village, in a long post-Singularity universe with thousands of sentient races and over ten billion years of recorded history. He’s no one, as far as he knows, one of half a trillion humans alive in the year 3009.

But Camber will rise. 

Night Angel Nemesis

Night Angel Nemesis Brent Weeks (April 2023)

Return to the New York Times bestselling world of the Night Angel, where master assassin Kylar embarks on a new adventure as the High King Logan Gyre calls on him to save his kingdom and the hope of peace. After the war that cost him so much, Kylar Stern is broken and alone. He’s determined not to kill again, but an impending amnesty will pardon the one murderer he can’t let walk free. He promises himself this is the last time. One last hit to tie up the loose ends of his old, lost life. 

But Kylar’s best – and maybe only – friend, the High King Logan Gyre, needs him. To protect a fragile peace, Logan’s new kingdom, and the king’s twin sons, he needs Kylar to secure a powerful magical artifact that was unearthed during the war. 

With rumors that a ka’kari may be found, adversaries both old and new are on the hunt. And if Kylar has learned anything, it’s that ancient magics are better left in the hands of those he can trust. 

If he does the job right, he won’t need to kill at all. This isn’t an assassination — it’s a heist.
But some jobs are too hard for an easy conscience, and some enemies are so powerful the only answer lies in the shadows.