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Doing What the WFC Cannot Do, Year Two

3 Jan, 2020


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Last year saw the beginning of the WFC reviews

Doing What the WFC Cannot Do, being an incomplete survey of POC currently active in speculative fiction. I will review 52 recent works by 52 different POC in 52 weeks.

I never thought of a better name for the project. Additionally, every week I spent looking for material appropriate for the WFC reviews in 2019, I generally found two or three or four likely candidates. I ended the year with a considerable backlog. Accordingly, I am extending this project to a second year to try to catch up.

Same rules as last year: each book is authored by a Person of Colour, each author gets at most one book per year in this project, and this is a floor, not a ceiling; if I find a second book by an AOC I’ve reviewed here that I want to review, I won’t set it aside for 2021. I’ll review it under a different project.