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Appropriate Northern Hemisphere Mid-Winter Holiday Felicitation!

25 Dec, 2022


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Once again the calendar has ground around to that part of the year when the endless lengthening of the nights finally reverses, and the days begin to lengthen. We shall not freeze after all! Thematically appropriate holiday wishes!

Thanks to my editor Karen Lofstrom for turning my word-salad into sentences and paragraphs and to my web person Adrienne L. Travis for giving me a place to post my reviews. All 2,264 (to date) of them. 

Thank you to my audience of seven plus years! Thank you to all my patrons, on Patreon and here. And a big thank you to the creators everywhere who give me something to review..

While I experiment to see just how much food it takes to explode me, please enjoy Well Told Tale’s seasonally relevant reading of Arthur C. Clarke’s short story, The Star.