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Introducing the 50 Nortons in 50 Weeks project

21 Nov, 2014


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Andre Norton (1912 — 2005) was a prolific1 and influential science fiction, fantasy, mystery and other genres author whose career stretched from 1934 to the year of her death. She was one of the pioneering female figures in SF, although she adopted a male given name due to the prejudices of the day. In 1977, she was the first woman to win the Gandalf Grand Master Award for life achievement in fantasy writing. Even more impressively, in 1984, she became the only woman in the whole of the 20th century to be named Grandmaster by the notoriously woman-shy Science Fiction Writers of America. In 1997 she became the the first woman inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. 

That’s all very impressive (and I didn’t get into how she gave other authors a hand up) but it is not why I am doing this The reason is during the Heinlein re-read, many of the editions I had in my possession were the Ace editions. Those editions always had a page listing the eleven Heinlein books Ace published and somewhere adjacent to that ad they always placed a second ad for the fifty Andre Norton books they published. I’ve read and enjoyed many of them and now that the Heinlein reread is over, it seemed to me that I should replace that series with a much longer one for an author who was just as significant and who is often overlooked. 

In chronological order, the 50 Nortons are:

1951 Huon of the Horn
1953 Last Planet, The
1954 Daybreak 2250 AD
1954 Stars Are Ours!, The
1955 Sargasso of Space
1955 Star Guard
1956 Crossroads of Time, The
1956 Plague Ship
1957 Sea Siege
1957 Star Born
1958 Star Gate
1958 Time Traders, The
1959 Galactic Derelict
1959/1961 Star Hunter and Voodoo Planet
1959 Secret of the Lost Race

1960 Shadow Hawk
1960 Sioux Spaceman, The
1960 Storm Over Warlock
1961 Beast Master, The
1961 Catseye
1962 Defiant Agents, The
1962 Eye of the Monster
1962 Lord of Thunder
1963 Judgment on Janus
1963 Key Out of Time
1963 Witch World
1964 Night of Masks
1964 Ordeal in Otherwhere
1964 Web of the Witch World
1965 Quest Crosstime
1965 Three Against the Witch World
1965 X Factor, The
1965 Year of the Unicorn
1966 Moon of 3 Rings
1966 Victory On Janus
1967 Operation Time Search
1967 Warlock of the Witch World
1968 Dark Piper
1968 Sorceress of the Witch World
1968 Zero Stone, The
1969 Postmarked the Stars
1969 Uncharted Stars

1970 Dread Companion
1970 High Sorcery
1970 Ice Crown
1971 Android at Arms
1971 Breed to Come
1972 Dragon Magic
1971 Exiles of the Stars
1973 Forerunner Foray

1: there are established authors with fewer books to their credit than she had series.