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RPG Moments of Awesome 8: The Traveller Map

17 Jun, 2020


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Traveller is 43 years old. Over the decades, GDW, its successors, and its licensees have produced a metric fuckton of worlds, thousands upon thousands of strings of numbers denoting the characteristics of thousands of worlds. 

Traditionally, these were presented to gamers in the form of printed matter. We live in the modern world, however, where personal computers light enough to be moved by four burly men are inexpensive enough to be owned by landed gentry, where information may be conveyed across great distances at speeds of 1200 Baud or more. This presents an opportunity.

Joshua Bell’s Traveller Map is a searchable, scalable map providing decades of world data in convenient online form.

To quote

The Official Traveller Universe (OTU) is the primary setting for various editions of the Traveller game, controlled by Far Future Enterprises (FFE). This is the universe described by publications from GDW, FFE and Mongoose Publishing, and by past licensees such as Digest Group, FASA, Imperium Games and others, The setting includes the Third Imperium, Zhodani Consulate and Solomani Confederation, alien species such as the Aslan, K’kree, Vargr, Hivers and Droyne, and a history from the Ancients through the New Era. 
Under the FFE Fair Use Policy, the Traveller Map presents an interactive view into the OTU, making use of official data approved and provided by FFE — as well as apocryphal and unofficial data.