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September 2023 Patreon Boost!

1 Sep, 2023


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August is over, and another 23 works read and reviewed. This month’s high points include a brief website slowdown possibly due to someone scraping the site to feed their AIs, which I will call Jean Jacket for no particular reason. Also, I finally catalogued and reboxed all my stored books. Learned an important lesson: if several hours into such a project, one’s body starts protesting, that doesn’t mean push on until the last six cases are dealt with.

Interesting (to me) bit of data: while I’ve read lots of what I consider recent SF, and a fair number of books published in 2023, only six or seven of the books published in 2023 that I read thus far this year were SF. Need to work on that.

Over at the other site, Young People Read Old SFF came in third in its Aurora Award category. I am quite pleased. If any young people would like to join the Young People, please contact me at [email protected].

Continued thanks to those who commissioned reviews and to my legion of patrons, for whose continued support over the last nine or so years I am very grateful.

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