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Twenty Core Space Operas Every True SF Fan Should Have On Their Shelves

23 Mar, 2017


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As with the first core list, here are twenty space operas chosen entirely on the basis of merit and significance to the field [1]. No implication is intended that these are the only twenty works you should consider.

  • Dust by Elizabeth Bear
  • Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh
  • The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald 
  • Hellflower by Rosemary Edghill
  • City of Diamond by Doris Egan
  • Valor’s Choice by Tanya Huff
  • The Starmen of Llyrdis by Leigh Brackett
  • The Myriad by R. M. Meluch
  • Agent of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
  • Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon
  • Judgment Night by C.L. Moore
  • Vast by Linda Nagata
  • Dark Piper by Andre Norton
  • Becoming Alien by Rebecca Ore
  • Minisuka Pairētsu by Yūichi Sasamoto
  • Five-Twelfths of Heaven by Melissa Scott
  • Phoenix in Flight by Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge
  • Up the Walls of the World by James Tiptree, Jr. 
  • House of the Wolf by M.K. Wren

1: There are two filtering rules: 

  • Only one work per author per list
  • No given work appears on more than one list.