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1 Jan, 2023


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Onward into the future! And to start 2023 off on an up note, while I would be more than happy to be a finalist for almost every speculative fiction award this year, please don’t nominate me for a Hugo in 2023

Chengdu won the WorldCon. The rival bids could have done better jobs of campaigning but they didn’t. People could have voted for the rival bid (as I did), but they didn’t, at least in sufficient numbers. The fact is Chengdu won the 2023 Worldcon fair and square. 

Having won, they have gone on make extremely dubious choices for their Guests of Honour. Sergey Lukianenko an avid supporter of the ongoing Russian effort to obliterate Ukraine and Ukrainians, while Liu Cixin supports the Xinjiang internment camps. It’s their WorldCon, and they can do what they like but I am not going to supply implied support by standing for or accepting Hugo nominations connected to this WorldCon.

Given that in the year since they won, Chengdu has not yet managed to set up essential elements of a WorldCon, this may all be academic. Nevertheless: to paraphrase William Tecumseh Sherman, I won’t run if nominated and won’t accept if I win.