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  • Andrew Love

    I suggest Budrys' "Michaelmas" and "Hard Landing"

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  • Richard Hershberger

    The Swoop!, or How Clarence Saved England, by P. G. Wodehouse, published 1909. Not science fiction, with within the broad category of speculative fiction. There was a minor genre at that time of novels about how England must arm itself, and generally build up its manly manliness, lest it be invaded, typically by Germany. When William Came by Saki (H. H. Munroe) from 1913 is probably the best known, and best written, example. Wodehouse's book s a satire of the genre. The fact that Munroe published his book four years later is a sad indication that satire is not so powerful as we might wish. In Wodehouse's book England has completely disarmed, making it incapable of defending itself when it is attacked by nine foreign powers simultaneously, including the Swiss navy, Monaco, China, and Somalialand. England is saved by fourteen-year-old Clarence Chugwater, who organizes the Boy Scouts to repel the invaders.

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