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Books Received, September 2 to September 8

9 Sep, 2023

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Grievars Blood

Grievar’s Blood by Alexander Darwin (December 2023)

In a world where single combat determines the fate of nations, the Grievar fight in the Circles so that the rest can remain at peace. But given the stakes, things are never so simple. The Daimyo govern from the shadows and plot to gain an edge by unnaturally enhancing their Grievar Knights. Cego and his team return to the world’s most prestigious combat school, The Lyceum. Though he’d like to focus on his martial studies, Cego feels the pull of his mysterious past and two missing brothers. Solara Halberd, daughter of the fighting legend, embarks on her own quest to bury the past. She must utilize every lesson her father taught her to explore unknown lands where evil lurks in the shadows

Europa Deep

Europa Deep by Gary Gibson (September 2023)

There is life on Europa. The first manned expedition disappeared while exploring the vast ocean beneath the ice, and fifteen years later, Cassie White is given the chance to join a second expedition — so long as she agrees to investigate secretive experiments carried out by the first.

But the commander of the deep-space exploration ship Veles has every reason to hate her, and a hostile enemy ship is waiting for them when they arrive at Jupiter. Any attempt at landing may lead to war.

It soon becomes clear the first expedition stumbled onto a secret even greater than the existence of alien life within our own solar system — something hidden in the depths of Europa’s lightless ocean for untold billions of years. But before she can uncover it, Cassie must first figure out who on board the Veles is trying to sabotage their mission — and why.

An astounding journey to the edge of the solar system. And a discovery that changes everything. 

The Long Fall Up And Other Stories

The Long Fall Up: And Other Stories by William Ledbetter (November, 2023)

From bestselling Nebula-Award winning William Ledbetter comes a groundbreaking collection of science fiction short stories that will bend your heart like a black hole. From AI to robot medics to life on Mars, Ledbetter takes real tech, blends it with hard science fact, and invents futures full of fantastic fiction. Includes 17 previously published stories and one original story

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming (January 2024)

Spice trader Cinnamon’s quiet life is turned upside down when she ends up on a quest with a fiery demon, in this irreverently quirky rom-com fantasy that is sweet, steamy, and funny as hell.

All she wanted to do was live her life in peace — maybe get a cat, expand the family spice farm. Really, anything that didn’t involve going on an adventure where an orc might rip her face off. But they say the goddess has favorites, and if so, Cin is clearly not one of them.

After Cin saves the demon Fallon in a wine-drunk stupor, Fallon reveals that all he really wants to do is kill an evil witch enslaving his people. And who can blame him? But now he’s dragging Cinnamon along for the ride whether she like it or not. On the bright side, at least he keeps burning off his shirt.…

The Kuiper Belt Job

The Kuiper Belt Job by David D. Levine (November 2023)

Ocean’s 11 meets The Expanse in an adventure set far in the future. 

The Kuiper Belt Job is an exciting, action-packed story about a gang called the Cannibal Club. After a heist has gone wrong, they must scatter in a storm of recriminations. Ten years later, Strange’s son Cayce shows up at Kane’s door to break Strange out of captivity. The story is told through a series of escalating Jobs,” each from a different character’s point of view. The gang breaks into banks, hacks systems, and swindles the rich. But after ten years, no one is who they were… and some are not what they seem. The story explores themes of power, diversity, political intrigue, and ethics. It includes a thrilling plot, a cast of colorful characters, and a futuristic setting that will captivate fans. 

No One Will Come Back for Us and Other Stories

No One Will Come Back for Us and Other Stories by Premee Mohamed (May 2023)

Here there be gods and monsters — forged from flesh and stone and vengeance — emerging from the icy abyss of deep space, ascending from dark oceans, and prowling strange cities to enter worlds of chaos and wonder, where scientific rigor and human endeavour is tested to the limits. These are cosmic realms and watery domains where old offerings no longer appease the ancient Gods or the new and hungry idols. Deities and beasts. Life and death. Love and hate. Science and magic. And smiling monsters in human skin. 

Premee Mohamed’s debut collection of contemporary cosmic horror and dark fantasy heralds the arrival of a new and vibrant voice on the cutting edge of modern speculative fiction.