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2024 Hugo Nomination deadline imminent

4 Mar, 2024


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The deadline for Hugo nominations is bearing down. To quote:

All ballots must be received by Saturday, 9 March 2024, 16:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (UTC+0).

Per my 2 Jan 2024 post, I’d be chuffed to be a finalist again (or for Young People to be nominated). That said, there are many people and works worthy of nomination, not least of whom is Paul Weimer, who was unjustly excluded from the ballot last year. Consider nominating them. I am too modest to remind you that in this instance I am part of them.

Something to bear in mind: I expect the number of voters to dip substantially this year, mainly because the Chengdu scandal has undermined voter faith but also because the Glasgow voting process isn’t exactly user-friendly. Accordingly, your vote may represent a larger fraction of the vote than in recent years. If there was ever a year when your picks had improved odds of making the final ballot, 2024 is that year.

Instructions on how to vote may be found here.