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Have You Seen the Way?

Noragami, volume 11

By Adachitoka 

6 Mar, 2019



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Adachitoka’s Noragami Volume 11 collects issues 40 to 43 of the adventures of the stray god Yato. The manga was first published in 2014; the English translation was published in 2016. Included in the volume are 

  • 40. We Not-So-Humbly Pray” (恐み恐みも白さず Kashikomi mo Mōsazu”) 

  • 41. A Picture Together” (一緒に写真を Issho ni Shashin wo”) 

  • 42. Causes Nothing but Disaster” (厄災しか起こせない Yakusai Shika Okosenai”) 

  • 43. Secrets” (秘め事 Himegoto”)

40. We Not-So-Humbly Pray” (恐み恐みも白さず Kashikomi mo Mōsazu”) 

Determined to find a niche as a god of fortune, Yato is willing to work as hard as it takes. With the proviso that he expects immediate success. Meanwhile, his monstrous father has found a new host body, one that is very close to Yato’s one human worshipper, Hiyori. 

41. A Picture Together” (一緒に写真を Issho ni Shashin wo”) 

Yato makes a personal breakthrough when he decided the best use for a windfall isn’t to indulge his own desires but to give Hiyori a treat: a visit to Capyperland! A wondrous theme park that would no doubt delight Hiyori if not for certain traumatic memories concerning a previous visit. Also: the god of calamity, Daikoku, is tagging along. Which can only end well … right? 

42. Causes Nothing but Disaster” (厄災しか起こせない Yakusai Shika Okosenai”) 

A tragic tale of the time that Kofuko and her shinki Daikoku decided to emulate parenthood by adopting Daego, the ghost of a young boy. Ghosts do not age; complications ensue. 

43. Secrets” (秘め事 Himegoto”)

A quest to return a treasured item reveals some disquieting secrets. 

General Comments

Noragami episodes usually lean towards absurd humour or grand drama, Number 42 is quite sad. There’s no happy ending possible, given the differing natures of gods, ghosts, and shinki. Daikoku’s nature is relevant as well (god of calamity). 

These issues function as stand-alones, but there are issues raised that will play rules in story arcs to come. We learn that Kofuko’s mere presence causes minor and major disasters1. We learn that anyone serving as a shinki is by definition cut off from reuniting with their loved ones in death. 

It is probably also relevant that Father knows exactly who Hiyori is and the nature of her relationship to Yato. What might a monster do with that info, hmmmm? 

Although this volume is well into the series, it wouldn’t be a bad introduction for new readers. 

You can find the volume here (Amazon), here (Amazon.ca), and here (Chapters-Indigo).

  1. It turns out Japan’s economic implosion at the end of the 1980s was entirely thanks to Kofuko.