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So it turns out

Helping to redo the theatre flies system from eight am to four pm is having an impact on my productivity1. As in I don’t have any. Back to the old pace on Saturday.

1: And my forearm.

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Not To Be Lightly Thrown Aside: Randall Garrett's The Queen Bee

(Not every piece I do for tor fits their needs. Here’s an example.)

Per Theodore Sturgeon, ninety percent of everything is crud (that is, everything published). Most of this crud is of the unmemorable variety, it occupies the brain for a few moments before being forgotten. Some is educationally bad; you might not like the story, but at least understanding why it did not work is illuminating. A very very small fraction is so egregiously wretched that it inspires mockery and disparagement decades after publication, even if out of print. One memorable example: Randall Garrett’s 1958 short story “The The Queen Bee.”

Many of you are mercifully unaware of this story. Let me fix that for you:

some stories are not just worse than you imagine, they are worse than you can imagine

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I cannot attend Dublin 2019, the Irish WorldCon

University of Waterloo Associate Professor Sarah Tolmie, author of SF works The Little Animals, The Stone Boatmen, Two Travellers, and NoFood, as well as the poetry collection Trio, and chapbook Sonnet in a Blue Dress and Other Poems, is my designated representative.

Tolmie’s “Ursula Le Guin in the Underworld” won a 2019 Rhysling Award, and has been nominated for an Aurora. The Art of Dying was shortlisted for the 2019 Griffin Poetry Prize.

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