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Blog Posts from January 2022 (4)

Books Received, January 15 — January 21

22 Jan, 2022


What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher

From T. Kingfisher, the award-winning author of The Twisted Ones, comes What Moves the Dead, a gripping and atmospheric retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic The Fall of the House of Usher.“When Alex Easton, a retired soldier, receives word that their childhood friend Madeline Usher is dying, they race to the ancestral home of the Ushers in the remote countryside of Ruritania.What they find there is a nightmare of fungal growths and possessed wildlife, surrounding a dark, pulsing lake. Madeline sleepwalks and speaks in strange voices at night, and her brother Roderick is consumed with a mysterious malady of the nerves.Aided by a redoubtable British mycologist and a baffled American doctor, Alex must unravel the secret of the House of Usher before it consumes them all. 

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Nominations Open for Hugo Award, Astounding Award, and Lodestar Award!

17 Jan, 2022


To reprise my previous post on the matter: 

James Nicoll Reviews falls under Best Fan Writer, as do my Dreamwidth and USENET posts. 2021’s Hugo Award data revealed that I was just five votes away from being a finalist again. So close! I hope my 2021 reviews were slightly more appealing than 2020’s. 

My 90 or so 2021 Tor essays fall under Best Related. 

Young People Read Old SFF (now in its 5th year and busily working its way through old Hugo finalists) is a fanzine. 

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Books Received, January 8 — January 14

15 Jan, 2022


The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish

A usurped prince prepares to take up the mantel of a deadly assassin and reclaim his kingdom, his people, and his slain gods in this epic fantasy from a USA Today bestselling author.Cyrus was only twelve years old when his gods were slain, his country invaded, and his parents — the king and queen — beheaded in front of him. Held prisoner in the invader’s court for years, Cyrus is suddenly given a chance to escape and claim his revenge when a mysterious group of revolutionaries comes looking for a figurehead. They need a hero to strike fear into the hearts of the imperial and to inspire and unite the people. They need someone to take up the skull mask and swords and to become the legendary Vagrant” — an unparalleled hero and assassin of otherworldly skill. But all is not as it seems. Creating the illusion of a hero is the work of many, and Cyrus will soon discover the true price of his vengeance. 

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Books Received, January 1 — January 7

8 Jan, 2022


Sweep of Stars by Maurice Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus’s Sweep of Stars is the first in a trilogy that explores the end of an empire. Epic in scope and intimate in voice, it follows members of the Muungano empire – a far-reaching coalition of city-states that stretches from O.E. (original earth) to Titan – as it faces an escalating series of threats.“The past, the present, and the future often collide with each other.” —Stacia Chikeke, research captain of the star vessel CipherWhat happens when a peaceful utopia has to gear up for war? New leaders rise up vying to be the voice of the people. Scientists discover truths that could rock the foundations of the empire. Soldiers uncover a terrible secret and an alien plot against their alliance. Everyone must sacrifice for the love of their dream. 

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