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Blog Posts from March 2020 (5)

Books Received, March 21 — 27

28 Mar, 2020


The story of Julie D’Aubigny is well known. Her tumultuous childhood, her powerful lovers, her celebrated voice. Connected to most of the nobility of 17th century Paris, feted for her performance, unwilling to live by the rules of her society, she took female lovers, fought duels with noblemen and fled from city to country and back again. But now the real truth can be told. She also made a deal with the devil. He gave her no powers or help, but he kept her alive for only one reason. To take revenge… 

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Books Received, March 14 — March 20

21 Mar, 2020


In this first novel set in award-winning author Marie Brennan’s incomparable Driftwood fantasy universe, enter a post-apocalyptic realm where the apocalypse has not ended, where fragments of worlds cohere into shifting myths. Yet even as everything fades, Drifters gather to tell conflicting legends of Last, the guide – the one man who seemed immortal, but may have been a fraud. Who is Last? Fame is rare in Driftwood – it’s hard to get famous if you don’t stick around long enough for people to know you. But many know the guide, Last, a one-blooded survivor who has seen his world end many lifetimes ago. For Driftwood is a strange place of slow apocalypses, where continents eventually crumble into mere neighborhoods, pulled inexorably towards the center in the Crush. Cultures clash, countries fall, and everything eventually disintegrates. Within the Shreds, a rumor goes around that Last has died. Drifters come together to commemorate him. But who really was Last? Lying liar, or heroic savior? A mercenary, a charlatan, a legend? A man, an immortal – perhaps even a god? 

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Books Received, March 7 — March 13

14 Mar, 2020


An anthology of original stories based on the dark fantasy, role-playing video game series from Bioware. Ancient horrors. Marauding invaders. Powerful mages. And a world that refuses to stay fixed. Welcome to Thedas. From the stoic Grey Wardens to the otherworldly Mortalitasi necromancers, from the proud Dalish elves to the underhanded Antivan Crow assassins, Dragon Age is filled with monsters, magic, and memorable characters making their way through dangerous world whose only constant is change. Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights brings you fifteen tales of adventure, featuring faces new and old, including: Three Trees to Midnight” by Patrick Weekes
Down Among the Dead Men” by Sylvia Feketekuty
The Horror of Hormak” by John Epler
Callback” by Lukas Kristjanson
Luck in the Gardens” by Sylvia Feketekuty
Hunger” by Brianne Battye
Murder by Death Mages” by Caitlin Sullivan Kelly
The Streets of Minrathous” by Brianne Battye
The Wigmaker” by Courtney Woods
Genitivi Dies in the End” by Lukas Kristjanson
Herold Had the Plan” by Ryan Cormier
An Old Crow’s Old Tricks” by Arone Le Bray
Eight Little Talons” by Courtney Woods
Half Up Front” by John Epler
Dread Wolf Take You” by Patrick Weekes

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Books Received, February 29 — March 6

7 Mar, 2020


One woman will either save an entire continent or completely destroy it in a captivating epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and ambition, questioned loyalties and broken magic

Guard the tower, ward the stone. Find your answers writ in bone.”

Deep within Gloamingard Castle lies a black tower. Sealed by magic, it guards a dangerous secret that has been contained for thousands of years. 

As Warden, Ryxander knows the warning passed down through generations: nothing must unreal the Door. But one impetuous decision will leave her with blood on her hands – and unleash a threat that could doom the world to fall to darkness.

Keep your trust through wits or war– nothing must unseal the door.”

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February 2020 in Review

3 Mar, 2020


February 2020

20 books read. 12 by women (60%), 7 by men (35%), 1 by a non-binary author (5%), 8 works by POC (40%)

Year to Date

43 books read. 23.5 by women (55%), 17 by men (40%), 2 by non-binary authors (5%), 0.5 by unknown (1%), 17 works by POC (40%)

Charts below cut 

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