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July 2020 in Review

2 Aug, 2020


July 2020

21 books read. 11.5 by women (55%), 8.5 by men (40%), 1 by a non-binary author (5%), and 9 works by POC (43%)

Year to Date

147 books read. 78.5 by women (53%), 59 by men (40%), 6 by non-binary authors (4%), 3.5 by unknown (2%), 57 works by POC (39%)

Charts below cut

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Books Received, July 25 — July 31

1 Aug, 2020



Tell new intriguing science fiction stories with M‑SPACE Companion. 

Create sidekick droids and AI villains with rules for robots and artificial intelligence. Or play as a robot. 

Make powerful characters with the latest cybernetic implants. And try the cutting-edge Q Tech implants, bordering on magic. 

Learn about your characters’ former lives in the Origins chapter, or breach security with the new rules for hacking. 

A failed cybernetic experiment hides behind the blast doors at the bottom of a mineshaft. Find out more in the scenario Escape on Mosek Uhn.

Escape from Mosek Uhn

This is what you get:

  • Rules for modular robots, both humanoid and simple droids. 

  • Cybernetics, with implants and body part replacements. 

  • The almost magical Q Tech implants. 

  • Rules for detailed character backgrounds. 

  • Computers and hacking. 

  • Scenario: Escape From Mosek-Uhn. 

  • Updated character sheet.

And, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to download the seven additional Origins tables in the free Companion Addendum. Available from FrostByte Books’ webpage.

Along with the Companion, Circles of Steel contains 13 organisations for robots and cyborgs. Tailored for the Companion, Alex Greene has crafted a versatile set of Circles, easy to use in any campaign. The PDF is a Pay What You Want title.

M‑SPACE is needed to make full use of the Companion, but it is compatible with most d100 games.

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