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Blog Posts from March 2016 (2)

February 2016 in review

2 Mar, 2016


I’ve had savage beatings that affected my ability to work less than did FASS 2016. Oh, well.

18 books reviewed. 12 by women, 5 by men. 1 by an author who identifies as neither, which I am a bit embarrassed to admit is a first for me. F/T = 0.67

My Big Plan for February was to honour Black History month. Every book I read on my own time (non-sponsored, and not part of the Tanith Lee project) was to be by a black author. How well did I do, you ask? 8 books by POC, or 44% But 8 isn’t a big number: the only reason it’s 44% is because I basically read almost nothing in February. Worse, I read two books by Butler when it would have been trivial to avoid such a cliched choice of author to read twice in this context. But at least I have a long list of books to read. 

Year to date

40 books read. 24 by women (0.60), 15 by men (0.38), 1 by an author who identifies as neither (0.02). 11 by POC (0.28)

40 books in 60 days. I feel physically ill. 

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January 2016 in review

2 Mar, 2016


I was involved in FASS 2016 in a fairly senior role. This ate into my ability to work a lot more seriously than I expected so these stats are going to be pretty ugly:

22 books read. 12 by women, ten by men. F/T = 0.54

3 books by POC1. POC/T = 14%. But I had a plan to make sure my February numbers would be better. More to come.…

1: I’ve been using could be deported or worse by President Trump” as a litmus test. Given Trump’s now backed by Duke and Farrakhan, should I be counting Jews as POC? 

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