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February 2018 in Review


20 books read. 11.5 by women (58%), 8.5 by men (43%). There is a round off error.

Works by POC: 15* (75%)

Year to Date

43 books read. 23.5 by women (55%), 16.5 by men (38%),  3 by persons whose gender is unknown (7%).

Works by POC: 23 (53%)

And now, the meaningless table.

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Announcing the Suggestion Box!

Have you wanted to draw a book to my attention without actually commissioning a review? Now you can. Simply click on the “suggestion book” icon to the upper right of the site’s front page and fill out the form.

I may or may not then review it but I will always appreciate the suggestions.

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Books Received, Feb 10 - 16

Across the border, the Witch Lords of Vaskandar are preparing for war. But before an invasion can begin, they must call a rare gathering of all seventeen lords to decide a course of action.

Lady Amalia Cornaro knows that this Conclave might be her only chance to smother the growing flames of war, and she is ready to make any sacrifice if it means saving Raverra from destruction.

Amalia and Zaira must go behind enemy lines, using every ounce of wit and cunning they have, to sway Vaskandar from war. Or else it will all come down to swords and fire.

This got a bit long….

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