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Millennial Review XV: Ballroom of the Skies by John D. MacDonald (1952)

Ballroom of the Skies

By John D. MacDonald  

27 Jan, 2000

Millennial Reviews


Ballroom of the Skies
John D. MacDonald
Nelson Doubleday 1979 (1951),
218 pages

Practically a short story. Unfortunately, near the end they give an actual date: 1979. Oops.

WWIII happened in the early 1970s, leaving the US as a second-rate power allied to Pak-India. PI is opposed by a coalition including Irania and North China and WW IV is looming on the horizon. One man, Darwin Branson, has been working to prevent war but on the eve of a critical meeting he is killed and reprogrammed [or replaced by a simulacrum] by a mysterious couple. The new Branson is openly arrogant and cynical, and war is not to be averted.

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