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Lost Voices 7: We All Died at Breakaway Station by Richard C. Meredith

We All Died at Breakaway Station

By Richard C. Meredith  

26 Apr, 2000

Lost Voices


We All Died at Breakaway Station

Richard C. Meredith

Ballantine Books [1969]

244 pages.

Synopsis: Three starcraft, the Iwo Jima, the Pharsalus and the Rudolph Cragstone, arrive at Breakaway Station, a link in the chain of FTL communicators between Earth and its colonies in the Palantine. The three craft are crewed by the half-dead, people who are just barely able to be made operational using extensive cyborging. They are carrying a cargo of even more badly wounded military personnel from the on-going war with the Jillies, a race of hideous, inscrutable aliens who have declared a war to the death with humanity.

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