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Haikasoru 13: Rocket Girls by Housuke Nojira (Trans. Joseph Reeder)

Rocket Girls

By Housuke Nojira  (Translated by Joseph Reeder)

22 Jun, 2011



Rocket Girls

Housuke Nojira (Trans. Joseph Reeder)

Haikasoru/VIZ Media LLC

214 pages

$13.99/$15.00/8.99 UK

ISBN 9781421536422

September 2010

Science Fiction

Why, yes, I am doing these so it will be easier to just c&p the publication data into any of the four incompatible formats I am asked to use.

In this [dead link] system, I would rate this as high on all three axes: it's optimistic, it mostly gets the science right and it's whimsical.

Yukari Morita is visiting Maltide in the Solomon Islands, where her father disappeared 16 years earlier while on his honeymoon, to see if reports of a Japanese enclave in the region have anything to do with her father. As it happens, not exactly: The Solomon Space Center is a privately owned, publicly funded Japanese launch facility, and one that has just had a string of catastrophic launch failures [1]. The failures have placed the facility's funding in jeopardy.

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