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Millennial Review XVI: Salvage and Destroy by Edward Llewellyn (1984)

Salvage and Destroy

By Edward Llewellyn  

29 Jan, 2000

Millennial Reviews


Salvage and Destroy
Edward Llewellyn
DAW, 1984
256 pages

Synopsis: In the 1680s, an exploratory mission crewed by Ara, a race whose strong regard for the well-being of others is slowly exterminating them, discovered and surveyed Earth. During the survey, they discovered a group of humans trapped on a sand spit, cut off by high tide and about to be drowned. Rather than let intelligent beings die, the Ara rescued the humans and took them back with them to the Cluster, their home civilization. 300 odd years later, Earth is on the brink of self destruction and the Cluster humans, who have come to dominate the space trades, want to send a second mission to salvage what they can.

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