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Lost Voices 5: The Taking of Satcon Station by Barney Cohen and Jim Baen

The Taking of Satcon Station

By Barney Cohen & Jim Baen  

24 Apr, 2000

Lost Voices


The Taking of Satcon Station

Barney Cohen and Jim Baen

Tor Books [1982]

287 pages

Synopsis: Bockhorn is a field agent for MA&P, one of the big space carriers. Part of his job is hunting down contract runaways and as the book opens, he is called to Satcon Station to look for Lauren Potter whose boss, T.J. Janes, claims may have run off. Investigation shows that Potter is in another station with a hard man named Cobb. Bockhorn catches up with them and decides that All Is Not As It Seems. More investigations lead him to discover that T.J and Potter were lesbian lovers, that big money is involved somehow, that someone else is tracking Cobb and Potter and eventually that someone has shot off Cobb's face. Hijinks ensue.

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