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Lost Voice 17: The End of the Empire by Alexis Gilliland

The End of the Empire

By Alexis A. Gilliland  

5 May, 2000

Lost Voices


The End of the Empire

Alexis Gilliland

Del Rey Books [1983]

169 pages

Synopsis: The Holy Human Empire, vast and corrupt, is collapsing. Has collapsed, in fact, down to a single planet, Portales, which itself is on the verge of being conquered by the FURDS Fleet, POUM Faction and its sympathisers on Portales. Colonel Saloman Karff is an intelligence officer for the Empire, who we first encounter burning files so the Rebels don’t get their hands on them. Karff has many problems, not the least of which is that his immediate superior, Bloyer, is a double agent working for the Rebels. Karff manages to escape Portales to the last Imperial Fleet, as, sadly for Karff, does Bloyer.

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